Core Biovalley

Biovalley Incubation Council is a comprehensive entrepreneur incubation hub catering to convergence technologies in the field of Medtech and Biotech.

Bio Material Testing

Biomaterials and EMI/EMC Testing Facility at AMTZ for Medical Device Industry for Physio-Chemical Evaluation

EMI/EMC Testing

ElectroMagnetic Interference(EMI) and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility(EMC)

GAMMA Irradiation

Centre for Gamma Irradiation with Cobalt Source supply from BRIT/BRAC.

Testing and Calibration Lab

Testing and Calibration of Medical Devices in Hospital Ecosystem

Pre-Compliance Testing(PCT)

PCB Lab Situated at AIC-AMTZ Medivalley Incubation Council is an affordable EMC Pre-compliance testing Facility.

Center For 3D-Printing

Center for Bio-Tech Innovation and Rapid Prototyping in Medtech and Biotech.